Fees & Policies

Forensic Policies:

Please review our policies and fees before proceeding with any work request.

  1. Minimum deposit of $5000 is required and payable BEFORE work begins.  Deposit will be deducted from final invoice of project.  Expert hourly rate is $350/hour. 
  2. ALL outstanding invoices are to be paid in full BEFORE any deposition or court testimony.
  3. Fees and expenses may be billed monthly or as time and expenses accrue unless other arrangements are made with the Expert.
  4. Payment is due from the client within thirty (30) days of the invoice unless different arrangements are made with the Expert.  The Expert reserves the right to charge a late fee of 1.5% per month on all invoices not paid within thirty (30) days of receipt by the client.  The client shall pay any and all collection costs, including any legal fees and costs, plus appellate fees, incurred by the Expert in connection with the collection of its account.  Any controversy, claim or dispute arising out of or relating to this Work Order, shall be resolved in a Weld County Court, State of Colorado. The law of the State of Colorado shall be the governing law.
  5. The client is responsible for paying all fees and expenses of the Expert related to the engagement.  This shall include activities in response to discovery efforts by other parties.  
  6. Expert will invoice client upon completion of Expert’s report.  All fees must be paid in full BEFORE a report is released to Client, other parties, or anyone else.
  7. Expert reserves the right to bill lost or wasted time in the event of a cancellation, whether the cancellation is caused by the client or the opposing side.  Client is responsible for all expenses related to the cancellation.
  8. Unless expressly agreed by the Expert in writing, any cost estimates for services stated are for the client’s budgeting purposes only and are not quotes which are binding on the Expert.
  9. Rates are subject to change on a calendar year basis without other notice.
  10. All time is measured portal to portal.
  11. Loss and damages:  Client retains the risk of loss of, and damage to, any and all property.  All losses are limited to contract price.  WJMG shall not be individually or personally liable.  WJMG shall not be held liable for consequential damages. 
  12. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the “client” is the person listed as “Contact” on this Work Order along with their employer if it is included as part of this Work Order.  The individual client warrants his/her authority to bind the principal.
  13. In the event the Contact is employed by a public agency and the public agency is to be responsible, the Contact warrants his/her authority to bind the public agency unless otherwise stated in writing or unless the agreement is executed by the appropriate authority.
  14. Each party agrees that it may not assign its interest, rights or duties under this Work Order to any other person or entity without the other party’s prior approval.
  15. This Work Order shall be terminated upon written notice to Expert from Client at any time.  In the event of termination, Client is still responsible for all sums owed Expert.

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